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Here you can find information on every part that goes into Unibox products. You can browse the site freely but to use some of the more advanced features you will need to create an account and be logged in. This enables you to create a Wish List which you can then print out for reference. It also allows access to downloads of technical data sheets, CAD models in various formats that you can drag & drop into your design and instructional videos. We hope you enjoy your visit and if you have any recommendations on how we can improve this experience then please let us know.

The basic elements of our systems consist of profiles, connectors, hardware and accessories. The investment that has been made in the components permits the simple assembly of complex structures for a vast range of applications, including exhibition stands, retail displays and interior solutions, amongst many others.

Unibox extruded aluminium profiles are designed with 'C' channels, hollow sections, and bosses which can be used with connecting elements and perform a wide range of additional functions. All profiles are supplied in a decorative satin silver anodised finish. Coloured, textured, and other finishes can be supplied to order. Typically, profiles are designed to be uprights or cross members but many can be used as either to suit the desired application. Channels can be combined with our connectors allowing you to attach other Unibox profiles or accessories. It is also compatible with profiles from many other systems. The channel can also be utilised to secure panels (graphic, acrylic, glass, timber and metal). There are a variety of accessories to secure these elements.